Park Place Centre

Wickham Hants +44 (0)1329 833043

SHIRLEY AND DAVID FIRTH : (Parents of Actor Colin Firth)


“Park Place is a wonderful Venue for special gatherings. Most of us, some with partners they had known at the same School in India had the experience of being at a School for Missionaries. It was a joy, picking up the pieces for some from 1950, ’55 and ’56 onwards, and finding out what fascinating lives people have had and are still having, since we left School all those years ago.

While we have been here before, we feel especially conscious of the Peace and loving kindness that fills Park Place. Here we were made to feel at home and warmly and lovingly looked after. The food is delicious and of course the curries deeply appreciative, as they are caringly prepared; all this made us feel even more at home.

I loved the art work around the place, created by the Sisters. The highlight of our stay was a sacred classical dance performed by one of the Sisters, so prayerful and uplifting, it transported us into the sublime”.