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What's On

 MASSES (The Eucharist)

The daily Community Morning prayer cum Communion Service is held in the St. Francis Oratory on the 1st floor of the Main House and begins at. 7.45am. There are no Masses during the week as our resident Chaplain is taken ill since a few months. All are welcome to the Communion Service.

MASS on Sunday is held in the Main Chapel on the ground floor (entrance-past the main entrance) at 9.00am. All are welcome. There is provision for people in wheel chairs.











                                                                                                               MARCH – 2019


             DATE                       GROUP                  

             Sat. 2                               Visit the Mosque                 

        Mon. 4                            Revd. Jane Isaac                          

        Tues 5                          NHS- Target Event   

        Wed. 6                          Days for Girls                               

        Fri 8                              Film group-Geoff                                

        Fri 8                              Shri K. and Robin    

        Sat. 9-Tue.12                YBT Retreat              

       Wed. 13  20                     Lenten talk

        Fri.15-Sun.17               New Horizons (AA)   

        Wed 20th                      Film – Geoff Page     

        Wed 27                          Lenten Talk

        Fri.29-Sun.31               Win. Dio                    


                                                    APRIL 2019


             DATE                                    GROUP                                         

        Wed. 3                          Days for Girls                                             

        Wed. 3                          Lenten Talk

        Thu 4-Sun.7                 BRIEF (British Region of Internat. Ecu. Fellowship             

        Wed. 1020                   Lenten Talk

        Thu.11-Sun. 14            Yoga Retreat-Tarik Dervish

        Sat. 13                          Portmouth Diocese

        Sat.13-Mon.222           Private guests

        Sun. 14                         Sue Lee’s Concert  

                                                   HOLY WEEK             

        Wed. 17                        Haggadah - 7.00pm (Dining room)

                                                                        (Please reserve a seat- call 01329.833043)

        Thurs. 18                      Maundy Thursday -7.00pm(Chapel)

        Fri. 19th                        Good Friday: (Chapel)

                                              Ecumenical Service -10.30am

                                              Children's Way of the Cross- 12.00 Noon

                                              Liturgical Service - 3.00pm

        Sat. 20th                       Holy Saturday Vigil with Mass- 7.00pm (Chapel)

            Sun. 21st                       Easter Sunday Mass -9.00am


        Fri. 26th -Sun. 28th     Yoga with Meeta Raichura


                                                                                         MAY -2019


S.N.      DATE                                             GROUP

1             Mon 29 -4/05.            BDRS-Music group

2       Wed 1                          Days for Girls

3       Tue 7-Wed 8               Salisbury Diocese

4       Fri.10-Sun.12              Win. Dio.

5       Fri. 10 -Sun12             Chich. Dio

6       Fri. 17–Sun 19            C. Knott-Yoga Grp.

7       Fri 24–Sun.26             Marriage Enc.

8       Thu. 30 –Mon3/06      Bede Griffiths Sangha