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 MASSES (The Eucharist)

The daily Community Morning prayer cum Communion Service is held in the St. Francis Oratory on the 1st floor of the Main House and begins at. 7.45am. There are no Masses during the week as our resident Chaplain is taken ill since a few months. All are welcome to the Communion Service.

MASS on Sunday is held in the Main Chapel on the ground floor (entrance-past the main entrance) at 9.00am. All are welcome. There is provision for people in wheel chairs.







With the coronavirus escalating in the UK, we are facing a growing and evolving challenge to respond to the crisis. Our trustees have asked us to cancel our bookings until the end of May, in order to protect our employees and guests from contracting the virus. Our concern is very much for those who are vulnerable due to age related illnesses too. If the situation aggravates, we may have to prolong our period of closure until further notice.

We do understand that this is a difficult time for all, but we think that it is better to be safe than sorry. Many of the groups booked with us have already cancelled their bookings for the coming months. We are aware that this is going to put everyone's finances in jeopardy, so we are willing to hold your deposit for a later date when the situation improves and people are safe to travel again.

From 22nd March 2020 onwards, there will be no celebration of Masses at the Centre until further notice. We take this opportunity to thank all our guests, benefactors, and well-wishers for your patience and continuous support in enabling us to render service to the people, especially those in dire need. Please join us in praying for people around the world who are ill, those who have been afflicted by the coronavirus and those who have lost loved ones.


From the Community of the Franciscan Sisters.

Telephone: 01329.833043

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(GRAHAM TURNER has written a Prayer for us as we struggle to deal with COVID-19)

                       A PRAYER FOR PROTECTION

Lord of Life,
   today we are a fearful and anxious people.

As the viral illness intrudes deeper into our lives
   we feel its threat and the menace of its violence.

We are prone to panic, causing us to think the worst
   and hoard resources that we do not need,
   thus depriving others of vital supplies.

The daily breaking news makes us feel naked
   in the face of this unstoppable sickness
   that migrates across the globe.

In these difficult days, give us a viral love
   that will infuse into others’ lives.

Heal the sick and use us as agents of hope.
Protect the vulnerable and strengthen us to take care of others.
Pour your abundant wisdom into our leaders and give us concern for their well-being.

For the sake of all humanity we pray,